We build around water.

We have been producing all kinds of pools, hot tubs, ornamental pools, spas, saunas, steam baths, SPA, artificial lakes, fountains and water features since 1974. Water was the fundamental element that has driven the development of our company through the years.

This is why we have continued to invest resources to guarantee the quality of the content, i.e. water.

Wellness in absolute value.

We put people at the centre of the search for well-being. The pursuit of well-being has become a primary need to escape the hustle and bustle of contemporary everyday life

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Find a balance in places designed to promote physical and mental wellbeing through rewarding sensory experiences


Our experience is at the service of architecture and design to transform the idea into reality and meet the expectations and desires of the customer.


We are direct manufacturers of the technologies: water treatment systems, filtration and recirculation systems, water treatment, technical components, control and management technologies...

Our identity is rooted in the Mediterranean culture that strongly characterises all our creations. The natural beauty of places on the Sorrento Coast, where the company was founded, is a constant source of creative inspiration…