A swimming pool for relaxing in Capri

Relax, silence: a dip from the rocks of Capri

A dip in silence to listen to nature, to be alone in your environment, immersing yourself in the warm salty water and beautiful natural scenery is absolute wellness without a doubt.

We often think about living a peaceful life away from the daily chaos, but we rarely pause to look around! A few minutes a day would be enough, really observing the landscape around us to understand how lucky we are to live in our land and enjoy it confidentially.

Nature has carved the most beautiful monuments for us, painted the most beautiful paintings, spread the most beautiful scents in the air. Time passes inexorably and constantly our mind is distracted by the everyday stereotypes: we live in the era of globalisation.

The fast pace of life that pushes us always to work more, to produce more to satisfy the continuous needs that are provoked in us by the mass media and the world economic policy and all because: “The economy has to keep going round”. History does not plant crops in June or harvest them in October, it knows only one season: TIME.

Taking some space for ourselves to live time makes us happy!

The soul of a house is represented by the family that enjoys being together around a table, sitting in front of a fireplace, lying on a lounger on the terrace, relaxing in the pool with whirlpool and sharing their emotions.

Letting go, letting your imagination run wild allows us to make the most beautiful trips and thus enhance our soul and restore our energy to continue living our lives.