POOL ACQUARELAX at exibition Expo Riva Hotel

The new year is an important starting point for launching the pool Acquarelax brand to tour operators in the tourist sector. For this reason Tecnoambiente staff has chosen the exibition of Riva del Garda where over 26,000 visitors have flown over five days. The water room design is the most innovative one has been presented in the wellness sector and this to offer new exclusive services. The possibility of incorporating a aquarelax path into a room and experience a 360 ° sensation with: scents, sounds, visions, contact with water to relieve stress and spend a weekend for recharge of new energies. Realizing a proactive stand for the general public has to bring new stimulation and at the same time make the idea of ​​a new concept to be modeled according to any operational need.
Hotel, B & B, Self Catering, Aesthetics and massage centers can find new techniques to offer to customers to relaunch their business in an increasingly demanding and ever-evolving market.
The idea of ​​all this is condensed in the stand design from the arch. Striano Eustachio is immediately shared by the Tecnoambiente team.
The design idea is developed by the technical office and for this reason the water room becomes an integral part of the entire stand. Several companies from the Peninsula Sorrentina collaborate on the stand and the work is completed in 60 days.
The stand is made of styreps modules, hand-transportable with all the equipment, finished with particulars and coatings representative of our culture and our territory, it is removable to be reused on other occasions. The success of the profitable work has led to  the innovation award and the eco-sustainable technology by the fair company as Tecnoambiente has laid the foundation for its plans for lowering management costs to spread its concept of : Well-being in absolute value.