ACQUARELAX An oasis in the Trentino’s valley

Just four months after the success at the Riva del Garda fair, a first Acquarelax of Tecnoambiente was completed in North Italy in collaboration with local technicians and C3-Costruzioni in a beautiful valley of Trentino where, located alongside a creek that fights in the valley bottom, blows its beauty by completing the panorama with its sinuous shape.
Nature is the real protagonist of the place and for this reason the project, drawn with particular care to echo the peculiarities of the surroundings, has taken into account the finishing materials to be used to facilitate the insertion into the valley of the water reservoir. Obtained the permissions from the appropriate bodies. The slate stone for the borders that allows it to follow its winding contour, wpc wood that wraps wood heat with the durability and durability of pvc for the solarium and the ornamental entrance bridge, the stones and the calcareous bowls made from Surrounding Alps that are well suited to define the contours for flowerbeds.

The styreps module used for cervical massage is finished in stone, the TA-Nature coating of pearl gray has been used to emphasize the result of the blue color of the water and a comfortable hydromassage session completing the work to allow To all to enjoy this wonderful structure. A fundamental part of the project has been directed to construction techniques to allow for optimization of management and heating costs: polystyrene insulation on all the surfaces of the tub has been laid out to create the free form of the larch carpentry system, The recirculation plant is operated through the TA-POOLCONTROL control panel, the disinfection of the water takes place directly in line with the TA-OZONSAL ozone system. The pride for the realization of this oasis in Trentino makes the fair Tecnoambiente to be able to involve a team of professionals in an ambitious project designed to stimulate the export of our concept of: absolute value well-being.