Acquarelax: The (re)evolution of the Spa

Salus per aquam cited the ancient Romans, and for over two thousand years water has been and remains a source of both physical and mental well-being. It will be that we are made for over two thirds of water, it will be that the vision of the sea leads us to contemplate the infinite, it will be that immersing us leads us to feel lighter and more relaxed, the fact remains that water is the basis of life and we could never do without it.

If water remains the point of reference, modern technologies lead us to explore new paths that help to keep it healthy and bacteriologically pure, allow us to choose between varied treatments and allow insertion in contexts that were previously unimaginable.

In reality what has really changed is the approach of those who intend to use water as a method of regeneration. With the beaches and the sea more and more dirty, the crowded public swimming pools and often poorly managed, the more and more restricted time that the modern society imposes us leads to a re-evaluation of the quality of well-being, an improvement of the request and the offer. An intimacy that separates itself from the crowd without trespassing in solitude, a place of relaxation where you can forget the various daily problems and regenerate yourself in view of the struggles that today’s community imposes on us.

The Acquarelax brand is now firmly established on the market thanks to the customization capacity tailored to the customer, suitable for creating modular spaces such as pools, showers, swimming pools, whirlpools, steam baths, saunas, chaise longues, to be included in any context as in hotel suites or wellness centers or private facilities when you want to adapt the quality of the offer by providing maximum reliability and extreme ease of use.