Does stress also alter the life of water?

The sea is undoubtedly the main source of worldly wealth, it brings together all the elements present in nature and it is from here that the life cycle of water begins.

By absorbing energy from the sun, the water molecules free themselves of all earthly contamination and rise towards the sky like a spirit. They wander in the air, pushed by the wind, day and night. During their journey they crossing the moon and the stars thus absorbing more and more energy and are transformed into clouds that grow larger then condense into water droplets that fall to the ground.

How many times have we been fascinated by the colours of the rainbow in the sky drawn by sunlight reflected in the drops. How many times have we dreamed while watching snowflakes falling and covering our surroundings in a white blanket. How many times has a lightening flash pierced our eyes instilling in our heart a grip of fear for the thunder that was coming.
Well all these are expressions of energy sources that water has drawn on since its rebirth.

By falling to earth it purifies the air, by dissolving minerals through in soil, it leaches the land bringing nourishment to plants and it gushes from springs to quench thirst.

Water is in the ground in various forms and with its various chemical and physical properties allows us to benefit from its energy to improve our health and well-being.

It purifies – dissolves – leaches – nourishes – quenches thirst, these are the actions water has always performed in playing its natural role and contributing to life. People have always understood the importance of water yet today we find ourselves having to treat and purify water for use: why?

Hydrazine – chromium – lead – cadmium – surfactants are just some of the elements that water absorbs during its life cycle.
All this is defined as pollution that, unlike the natural cycle, causes molecular stress to the water by altering the bio-energetic balance. Today more and more often we hear of treatments like: osmosis – ionisation – ultra-filtration – gassing. In practice, we can define them as a sort of “natural doping” that allows us to regenerate our water to make it adequate for our needs.
Will the natural benefits of our water remain unchanged?