Swimming pool Technology

Technology and components.

Our organisation, open to working with architects and design studios to solve any design problem, is equipped with:

  • a technical department that deals with feasibility studies;
  • an electronic and electrical laboratory that manufactures all the control panels as well as the electronic management and control boards;
  • a mechanical workshop for turning and processing raw materials;
  • a technical workshop for assembling the facilities and the organisation of after-sales service;
  • a laboratory for water analysis for technical support to treat sewage treatment;
  • an after-sales service management.

Build around water

People involved in using materials to create new structures that liven up locations and environments dedicated to wellness have always been passionate about the relationship between materials and shape. The point is how each material is used by designers and how its solid nature interacts with the clarity and fluidity of the true protagonist of our projects: water.

We assign a major role to material in the belief that it is the material that determines the shape of the pool facilities or the environment in a perfectly balanced and harmonious result of its parts and its context.

No material is ever chosen in a forced manner. It is the nature of the material that offers the most appropriate solution to the location where it will be fitted, place that also has its own history and essence.

Thus local stones are used where possible or antique flooring is re-used in a historical context, or the warmth of waste wood or the purity of marble is used in places intended, for example, for relaxation and pleasure of the senses.

Expertly researched, the materials are the real stars of our projects. They enhance the places inside which our creations take shape, they are not simply products for making swimming pools, rather they represent, together with the context, the true primary source of inspiration of the entire project.

Aesthetics and technical parameters relating to their durability and ability to withstand external agents and their environmental impact are taken into account when materials are chosen: it is a search for a continual balance between formal, physical, chemical, technological and ethical qualities.

The careful selection of materials is not only related to the architectural part of the project, very careful attention is also paid to the system and plumbing of the pool in order to ensure that our projects always give maximum performance, thanks to the ease of use and checking of the system, even in the most complex cases.

When all the building and technical work has been completed and the pool comes to life, all that is left to do is give way to spectacular games of water and light: whether it’s a waterfall or a therapeutic effect, the magic of water and light make the scenario in which our creations live unique and unrepeatable.

Technical details and components

From the creative ideas to implementing the details, the construction of a luxury swimming pool by Tecnoambiente is characterised by constant attention to detail and coherence in design in all stages.

Our team never abandons their customers!
They guide them in choosing the best contextualisation, materials and furnishings, down to evaluating the smallest details. This attention to detail gives that something extra making our pools truly unique in their elegance.

The seriousness and professionalism of the technical staff ensure advice and supervision on the construction site and also optimisation of time and costs of implementation. We offer innovative and exclusive design solutions through the use of materials and accessories for high-quality swimming pools, as well as high-tech products with cutting-edge quality standards.

Operations mainly concern technology and systems engineering, operation and control units, illuminations and lights, control buttons, diffusion jets, whirlpool jets, environment sensors and they also extend to the detail designed by the architect.

Thus the customer’s tastes, desires and needs are translated into the inclusion of saunas, steam baths, hot tubs and swimming pools with a unique and attractive design, which together with more technological aspects and the structural quality, give rise to elements perfectly integrated with the surrounding environment.


Styreps is a Tecnoambiente product where modern and cutting-edge technologies, recovered from various branches of science and construction, are merged and placed at the disposal of wellness, producing a malleable and innovative building material with which structures of any shape and size can be produced.

In past years we have built high density, modular structures in EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), cut and shaped with a special numerical control machine, allowing the construction of pools, swimming pools, furniture items, partition walls, etc. that subsequently need to be further processed on site by highly specialised personnel to be finished.

In order to facilitate transportation, optimise installation time and reduce the presence of specific workers on construction sites, the design and development centre has developed a construction technique that allows all technical systems to be embedded in the modules and the semi-finished blocks to be structurally reinforced thus meaning they can be transported by hand. On site the modules are simply assembled and the finished product is coated with the chosen materials.

Styreps is the alternative solution to concrete and the benefits are evident when you want to manufacture a light artefact that does not weigh heavily on the underlying structures, greatly reduces problems related to the manufacture of moulds especially when you have to build strange or unusual shapes and allows architectural and logistic solutions to be designed in the CAD environment.