Temperature control of the pool water for wellness

The pool water temperature is a fundamental parameter for the well-being of the body and thus for allowing you to enjoy the relaxing effects.

Tecnoambiente has developed the TA-TERMORELAX project that allows automatic control of the water temperature through an air-water heat pump with low running costs.

The structural insulation system and the mobile cover, which allows the water temperature to be maintained by greatly reducing the dispersion of heat into the air and consequently reducing operating costs, are of fundamental importance.

The cover is contained in a concealed compartment, and automatically retracts to allow the user to use the tub, it also keeps the water clean from leaves and plays a protective role in avoiding accidental falls especially with regard to children.

There are various technical solutions, as well as different materials and colours, which can be adapted to different needs.

Comfortable water temperature, obviously depends on the temperatures of the external environment, but it also depends on the type of the reservoir and is also a subjective parameter, however, our experience tells us that values ​​between 28-34° C appear to be comfortable; the TA-MICRO PLC control unit allows automatic control of the water heat exchange until it reaches the set point value.