Swimming pool design


Acquarelax is a new concept developed by Tecnoambiente allowing you to customise your environment with the option of relaxing and enjoying the beneficial effects of water.

The lightness, ductility and infinite finishing possibilities of the styreps have allowed the development of a design path where the benefits of salt water, the rising ozone fragrance and the multiplicity of treatments allow you to relax and re-energize the body and mind .

Architecture can be expressed in all its forms, the styreps can be used to create pools with seats, chaise longue, neck massages, whirlpools, vascular paths and then they can be coated with the right materials to match the existing context.

Too often old construction methods require a standardised vision in creating works that, with modern technology, could assume forms and compositions that are best adapted to the need of the user, making the work unique and at the same time an expression of personal taste.

Wellness in absolute value.

The shape, lightness, finishing, functionality and ease of use combined with the system technology offer project customisation to completely meet the wellness requirements.

These new opportunities are adapted to the construction of any structure providing advantages such as lightweight, significantly less than the weight of an equal quantity of cement, high thermal insulation for better energy management, the option of coating with any type of material to satisfy all needs.