Swimming pools

Mediterranean inspirations.

Our identity is rooted in the Mediterranean culture that strongly characterises all our creations. The natural beauty of places on the Sorrento Coast, where the company was founded, is a constant source of creative inspiration and strengthens the concept of well-being that is innate in these places that have for centuries been destinations for those who want to regenerate body and spirit.

The natural predisposition for the wellness culture and craftsmanship in enhancing the natural scenery with water make Tecnoambiente the most viable company to build a swimming pool or a garden, both in ancient villas and contemporary contexts, in Italy or abroad, where the “Mediterranean feel” of made in Italy is very alluring.

The pure and elegant design of the pools we manufacture tells the story of a company that, through experience, has made the customisation and originality of its solutions its strengths.

Swimming pools construction.

Ground pools, semi-underground pools, above ground pools, stainless steel pools, fiberglass pools, concrete pools, masonry pools, pools in plastic material, pools EPS, wooden pools, sheet metal pools.

Swimming pools coating made with mortars, paints, liner, PVC, resin, natural grits, with tiles, clinker, mosaic, natural plasters.

Freeform pools, regular, with skimmer system, a surface overflow, weir.

Until now they were made of all kinds: what’s next? Yours…