The pursuit of wellness.

We place people at the centre of the search for well-being.
In this era in which the predominant values ​​are material and paragons flatten personal identity, the search for the well-being has become a primary need to escape the increasingly high speeds of current lifestyles..

The need to find an equilibrium within the places designed to promote the physical and mental well-being rewarding sensory experiences is becoming ever clearer.

Water is the medium par excellence that “purifies” body and soul and that allows you to reconnect with the natural flow of the rhythm of life when it is used wisely and in harmony with the natural environment.

By modelling the styreps, we skilfully manufacture environments in perfect harmony with the existing environments, in which water is the element that naturally creates well-being and at the same time enhances the architectural structure or natural site in which it is set.

The ultimate expression of the philosophy of wellness is embodied in the TA-WATER ROOM RELAX project, original and inimitable apotheosis of the absolute value of well-being.


Hydrotherapy is a natural health source and allows you to use water as a means of caring for the body and mind basing its action on three principles: buoyancy, heat and flow.

The heat of the water increases body temperature favouring dilation of blood vessels and thus contributing to lowering blood pressure, reducing muscle tension and relaxing nerves, all this stimulates the release of endorphins, natural painkillers produced by the body, which allow our brain to experience deep pleasure.

As we all know a body immersed in water is subject to a push against the force of gravity that relieves the tension exerted on the spine, muscles, joints and ligaments, resulting in health benefits.

The oxygen enriched water flow massages the nerve centres of our body such as: cervical spine, lumbar spine and foot, favouring the dilation of peripheral vessels and thereby increase blood circulation with significant benefits that affect the whole body, and especially result in relaxing the mind and inducing a good mood.