Water: source of relaxation and wellbeing

We often do not realise the importance of water and how in its various forms it may help to improve our lives and make them more satisfying.

In today’s society we are beginning to re-evaluate the idea of water as a source of relaxation, custom pools, maybe removable, in which the concept of dimension has been replaced by the more consistent concept of function: a smaller overrun for a more efficient management system, accessories that allow multi-purpose use, the absence of chlorine, which can sometimes become a major problem, perhaps opting for a salty mixture or ozone disinfection.

Conceptually evolved pools where, without the use of cement, you can meet and reconcile the overrun with particular forms and solutions, the sloping beach with no steps, the addition of hydromassage, waterfalls, relaxing or foot massage and comfortable loungers that bring physical benefits as well as aesthetic and mental advantages.

The added value of a profound change in a place that was perhaps before under-valued is something that justifies the, often considerable, expense represented by the creation of a pool of water in your home or a pool for guests in a hotel.

You must, however, remember that the preliminary design is of paramount importance, you should rely on experienced people who know how to direct ideas to the most advanced technologies, which are able to understand, before they act, what the costs are and what are the benefits of a particular solution over another, thus making the customer really satisfied with the structure that must nonetheless be manageable, maintainable and primarily usable.

Too often those who work in the sector meet the needs of the customer without broadening their horizons, thus keeping design technology in the state it was 20 years ago.

Investing in wellness and modern society is always a good use of resources and capital, but it must be done consistently and with a sense of responsibility, improving the lifestyle and enhancing and complementing the existing environment without altering its peculiarities or intrinsic characteristics.